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Engineered Minerals
for High Performance Coatings

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Imerys Carbonates provides a wide range of ground calcium carbonate (GCC) products and select precipitated calcium carbonates (PCC) to architectural, industrial and powder coatings as well as traffic paint producers. Key optical features include high whiteness, purity, opacity and gloss, in addition to functional features such as rheology, and TiO2 extension. More…

IMERYS Filtration & Additives

Imerys Filtration and Additives provides solutions for gloss and sheen control with excellent mechanical, optical and hiding properties. A leading supplier of flux calcined diatomite, natural diatomite, alumino silicate and perlite for coatings applications. Key features include matting efficiency, reduced syneresis, settling and dry time, scrub and burnish resistance, low “b” values, and exceptional dry hiding.
Europe, Middle East & Africa
Asia, South Pacific

Imerys Kaolin

Imerys Kaolin is a major supplier of high quality mineral additives to the paint, ink and coatings industries. We specialize in high performance extenders that can improve paint performance and deliver significant savings in prime pigment levels. Our portfolio contains products with properties needed to produce high quality end-products including barrier properties, resin and TiO2 extension, enamel holdout, gloss, high brightness, low conductivity, low moisture, low viscosity, opacity, sheen and stain resistance. More…

Imerys Performance Additives

Imerys Talc and Mica products are multi-functional mineral pigments which are ideal for architectural and industrial waterborne and solvent borne paints and primers, where they improve mechanical and optical properties and production processes. Coatings properties improved by the addition of talc or mica include corrosion resistance and barrier properties, hiding and TiO2 extender, flatting/matting, mud cracking, rheology, VOC reduction, noise reduction, and heat and chemical resistance.
NYCO Wollastonite